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Leeroy Sidambe Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career and More

Leeroy Sidambe Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career and More

Who is Leeroy Sidambe?

South African Leeroy Sidambe is a well-known businessman. He leads the Sakhile Ezweni Group of Companies as its Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer. He also serves as the head of a clinic called Imagination Motor Clinic, where he is the chairman.

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There’s a thread about how he dumped his wife for his girlfriend on Twitter. He reportedly hasn’t seen his wife in a very long time.

A substantial portion of Leeroy Sidambe’s biography, including details about his family, childhood, net worth, and general background, are missing from internet sources like Wikipedia and others. 

Most people would recognize him from when he made headlines over an alleged romance issue on Twitter. 

Leeroy Sidambe Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career and More

Age and Birthday 

The day and month that Leeroy Sidambe was born have never been made public, although the now- inactive Twitter handle that he used to use indicates that his birthday is October 6th. 

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Personal Life

Leeroy Sidambe is a businessman who is married. Jane Sdambe, his wife, wedded him. According to reports, he was not having a good time with his wife.

As a result, he met another woman, Mihlali Ndamade. Mihlali is studying to become a professional make-up artist at Leaders In The Science of Fashion (LITSOF).

Net Worth 

At Imagination Motor Clinic, Leeroy Sidambe is the chairman. His exact net worth is unknown.


At Sakhile Ezweni Group of Companies, Leeroy Sidambe serves as both Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer. A youthful, focused, and highly educated Security, Events, and Projects Manager. Sakhile Ezweni has a desire to make a difference in his local community by helping to reduce poverty and increase economic opportunity.

Sidambe has worked on enormous projects in South Africa, where he has also met people from a wide variety of professional fraternities and discovered his desire to create a business that draws upon the expertise of many different fields. As a result, the Sakhile Ezweni Group of Companies was formally founded.

Sakhile Ezweni’s adopt-a-student program and Our anti-drug and substance-abuse campaign are two examples of his commitment to giving back to and uplifting disadvantaged communities.

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