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Kamsi Nnamani Biography: Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Career, Parents

Kamsi Nnamani Biography: Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Career, Parents

Who is Kamsi Nnamani?

Kamsi nnamani is a popular Nigerian Influencer, YouTuber, Tiktok content creator and Beauty/ fashion enthusiasts.  She’s best known on YouTube where she has amassed over 100k active subscribers.

Kamsi began her journey as a content creator on YouTube few years ago with consistency, today she has become a popular figure in the Nigeria entertainment industry.

She’s also among the top 100 fast rising influencers in Lagos, Nigeria.  In a recent interview with popular Nigerian “Bad boy,  Timi” she asked the actor series of questions about life in Lagos and many more. 

Biography of Kamsi nnamani and Education 

Born on September 26, 1997, In Enugu state, Nigeria. Kamsi was born and raised alongside her siblings before she relocated to lagos in pursuit of her career.

She was born to Mr and Mrs Nnamani who hail from the southeast part of Nigeria, Unugu. At the time of writing this aricle, we currently have no information about her other siblings.

Although in some Instagram photos kamsi shared, there were photos of she and some girls who had exact resemblance with her.

Education: Kamsi_n as she’s popularly known her Nursery, primary and secondary school at Enugu. She later got admission and attended the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Although there’s no info about what course she studied while she was still in school. 

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When was Kamsi nnamani born and how old is she?

Kamsi was born on September 26, 1997 in Enugu state, Nigeria. As of September,  2024, she will be 27 years old. 

How much is Kamsi Nnamani’s Net Worth?

Kamsi has an estimated net of $100,000–$150,000. She has amassed an active following on major paying social platforms like Instagram,  Tiktok, X, and YouTube. 

She earns over $10,000 per month from brands promotion, and revenues from YouTube and Tiktok. Since kamsi Joined YouTube content creation on 13 May 2014, she has gained over 8,714,372 views in her videos.

Kamsi Nnamani Biography: Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Career, Parents

Who is Kamsi Nnamani’s Boyfriend or Spouse?

Kamsi nnamani is currently at the peak of her career and doesn’t want anything that might slow her down. She’s currently not married, although she might be in a relationship, she however hasn’t made known her boyfriend or spouse to the public. 

Kamsi nnamani joined YouTube content creation on May 13, 2014.

Unfortunately for most people who feel kamsi started her career from a bed of roses, she actually created her YouTube channel back in 2014 (10 years ago).

As of 2024, she has created over 300 amazing and entertaining videos on her YouTube channel. She releases new videos every week and keeps her channel very active. 

Is Kamsi Nnamani Richer than Nunu.elixir?

Yes, Kamsi richer and has a larger active subscribers on YouTube with thousands of views on her videos. She also collaborates with big brands and get huge payments. 

Learn more about Nunu.elixir. She is a fast rising Nigeria content creator and Tiktok Influencer. Nunu.elixir has over 21k YouTube subscribers. While kamsi has over a 103k subscribers. 


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