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How To Get A Deaf Person’s Attention (5 Easiest Way)

How to get a deaf person's attention

How Do You Get a Deaf Person’s Attention?

Today we will be talking about how one can get a deaf person’s attention especially when you meet for the first time.

How to get a deaf person's attention,

Some physically disabled people have different signs of being communicated with. it could be termed hard to get the attention of a deaf person because of their inability to hear.

Communication could sometimes be hard between a deaf person and others who don’t understand signs language.

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To get a deaf person’s attention try to apply these methods.

1. Wave Your Hands

There might not see you coming and you probably know no matter how much you shout their name he or she won’t hear.

What you need to do is simply wave your hands and they will notice you.


This will work if he or she is right beside you or behind you.

So what do you do to get his or her attention if they are in front of you.?

2.Tap On His Or Her Shoulder.

A light tap on the upper part of their shoulder won’t take her or her unaware but will get the person’s attention.

A gentle tap on the shoulder would get s deaf person’s attention to you and you can then relay whatever issue you want to discuss with them.

How to get a deaf person's attention,

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Remember, don’t make fun of them by just tapping his or their shoulders without any reason to get their attention. It’s wired and can easily trigger him or her to get angry.

In a situation where you are in the same room, the best thing to do and get a deaf person’s attention is to do the following.

3. Flash a torchlight in the room.

Light is another means of communication and you can equally use a torchlight to get a deaf person’s attention.

Don’t make it infuriating by flashing the torchlight directly in their eyes.

Make sure it points to the wall and by so doing they know someone wants something and they will turn in your direction.

4. Maintain and make eye contact before approaching.

If you want to get the attention of a deaf person, apply any of the above tips including making eye contact.

By so doing you give them a hint you want to say something and they will equally pay attention to what you want to say.

If it happens you’re set not far from each other, try to look them in the face, eyeball to eyeballs before going to say something.

5. Ask a person nearby to tap on their upper shoulder.

In a bit of situation where you two are far from each other’s reach, ask someone close to tap lightly on their shoulder.

Getting a deaf person’s attention is quite easy but the only thing is you don’t know when you infuriate them. So one has to be very careful not to make them feel they’re being mocked or something.


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