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How Much Is Edward Snowden Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career and Personal Life

Edward Snowden Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career and Personal Life

Who is Edward Snowden?

Edward Snowden is an American former intelligence analyst and whistleblower who leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013 when he was an employee and subcontractor.

His disclosures revealed numerous global surveillance programs, many run by the NSA and the Five Eyes intelligence alliance with the cooperation of telecommunication companies and European governments, and prompted a cultural discussion about national security and individual privacy.

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Edward Joseph Snowden was born on June 21, 1983, in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. He came from a family with a long history of public service. His maternal grandfather was a rear admiral in the U.S. Coast Guard and a senior official with the FBI.

His father was a warrant officer in the Coast Guard, and his mother was a clerk at the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland. His older sister was a lawyer at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C.

Snowden grew up in the area of Fort Meade, Maryland. He attended public schools, but he dropped out of high school due to mononucleosis. He later passed the GED test and took classes at Anne Arundel Community College. Although he never earned an undergraduate college degree, he worked online toward a master’s degree in computer security at the University of Liverpool, England.

Snowden was interested in Japanese popular culture and had studied the Japanese language. He also had a basic understanding of Mandarin Chinese and was deeply interested in martial arts. At age 20, he listed Buddhism as his religion on a military recruitment form.

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As of 2024, Edward Snowden is 40 years old.

Personal Life

Snowden is married to Lindsay Mills, whom he met in 2013. They have two sons together. Snowden is a vocal advocate for privacy and government transparency. He has received numerous awards for his whistleblowing, including the Right Livelihood Award.

Edward Snowden Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career and Personal Life

Net Worth 

As of 2024, Edward Snowden’s net worth is estimated to be around $4.2 million. This figure is based on the earnings from his book sales, royalties, and related rights. Snowden has also given several paid speeches, but he has agreed to give up more than $5 million from these speeches as part of a settlement with the US government.

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Edward Snowden’s career began in the US Army, where he worked as a security guard. After being discharged from the Army, he worked as a security guard at a National Security Agency (NSA) facility. In 2009, he was hired by the CIA, where he worked as a system administrator. In 2013, he was hired by Booz Allen Hamilton, a contractor that provides services to the NSA.

While working for Booz Allen Hamilton, Snowden had access to classified documents that revealed the NSA’s mass surveillance programs. He was appalled by these programs, and he decided to leak the documents to the press.

In May 2013, he flew to Hong Kong, where he met with journalists from The Guardian and The Washington Post. He revealed thousands of classified NSA documents to the journalists, and his story was published in June 2013.

After the publication of his story, Snowden was charged with espionage and theft of government property. He fled Hong Kong and eventually arrived in Russia, where he was granted asylum. He has lived in Russia ever since.

Snowden’s career as a whistleblower began in 2013, when he leaked classified NSA documents to the press. He revealed that the NSA was engaged in mass surveillance programs that were collecting the data of millions of Americans without their knowledge or consent. Snowden’s leaks sparked a global debate about privacy and security, and they led to some reforms of the NSA’s surveillance programs.

In addition to his work as a whistleblower, Snowden has also written a book, Permanent Record, and has spoken publicly about his experiences. He has also been involved in a number of projects related to privacy and security.

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