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How is the Xfinity Cell Phone Service?

How is the Xfinity Cell Phone Service?

If you want to make most of your devices while traveling across the US with no care or trouble in the world then Xfinity is one of the best options to explore the wilderness and the widest corners of the US with the round-the-clock safety net of a reliable service protecting your interests on the go. 

Unlike most reviews today we are going to walk a different road altogether just like Xfinity. This article will not only provide you with all the factual information that you need about Xfinity mobile but at the same time also share my own experience with the service and why I still use it to this very day. 

For more information, check out Xfinity internet plans, deals, and bundles to find the perfect companion for all your internet-related needs. 

A Brief Overview: What’s Xfinity Mobile? 

A late entrant in the market but a powerful one, Xfinity made its debut in 2017 when Comcast first launched Xfinity on Verizon’s mobile network. Though still a small player among sharks like AT&T which holds 46.4% market share. Still, Xfinity is covering significant ground, winning over new customers by the day through its cost-effective plans and offers in a powerful combination with its uncompromising customer service standards.  

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The Factual Madness

Verizon-Powered Coverage: 

One of the best things about Xfinity Internet is that it is powered by Verizon’s network which is by far one of the most powerful networks in the US. With such a network by your side worrying about coverage would be a thing of the past. 

Blazing-Fast 5G Coverage:


With clock speeds up to 450 Mbps and upload speeds of around 50 Mbps Xfinity 5G is among the fastest in the nation. The 5G network is yet to provide complete nationwide coverage, but nothing to worry about as you will still be covered by a bankable 4G LTE network with millions of free WIFI hotspots. 

Amazing Smartphone Deals:

In today’s consumer-driven world if a company doesn’t provide value-added services then they are only playing catch up to the ones that do. Not only does Xfinity provide great deals on your favorite flagship devices but also provides the convenience of shifting your existing devices to Xfinity Mobile. 

Wait as the deal of the century is just getting started. Besides purchasing a new phone and conveniently changing your internet service provider, you can even trade in your old phone and use the funds for payment for the latest flagship. 

The Personal Experience: 

I have been using Xfinity since its launch and the experience has been nothing but a breath of fresh air that only caresses your pocket while empowering you with a bankable ecosystem that is among the fastest, most reliable, and most secure internet in the US. 


One of the most unique selling points of the services that distinguishes it from the rest of the ISP community is that Xfinity is as cost-effective as it gets. If you are simply looking to go easy on the pocket while enjoying the same lightning-fast speed and reliability then Xfinity Mobile is the best bang-for-buck option available in the market. 

By the Gig-Plan:

Many companies rip you off when you are first trying their services as there is no avenue to try out their services, but not with Xfinity. Using it ‘By the Gig Plan’ you can enjoy its services for as low as 15$ per month. 

Flexible Data Switch Options: 

Like our lives, our needs evolve and devolve with time as age and transgress to the many paradigms of life. Likewise, attending to such needs and moods Xfinity provides its users the convenience of switching data plans whenever they want in line with their current and future-facing requirements. 

Other Benefits:

Subscribing to Xfinity services comes with its own sets of additional rewards and benefits, one of these amazing awards is Xfinity’s hotspot network. With a dedicated grid of 20M+ secure Xfinity WIFI hotspots around the country, you can now enjoy free WIFI that not only keeps your data plan intact but at the same time provides the same seamless connectivity.

The Only Downside:

The only downside of Xfinity Mobile is that, unlike other mobile virtual network operators like AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile US, you have to be an Xfinity Internet customer to be eligible for the cell phone service. 

A big disappointment for many people, but you can still get the best of both worlds as recently it started offering a great bundle offer that provides a free line of its ‘Unlimited Intro Plan’ with 400 Mbps home internet at only $50 per month, which a great offer if consider what you are getting for a meager charge. 


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