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Hazel K Jackson Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Husband

Hazel K Jackson, Biography, net worth, age,

Hazel K Jackson is a popular journalist and biographer, best known for being the wife of Jasper Carrott aka Robert Norman Davis. Hazel and Jasper carrott got married in 1973. They have four children, including their daughter whose name is Lucy Davis. hazel k Jackson and jasper have been together as a couple for several years.

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Who is Jasper Carrott, Hazel K Jackson’s husband?

Jasper Carrott is a famous English Actor, presenter and comedian. His birth name is Robert Norman Davis.  Jasper was born on  14 March 1945 in  Shaftmoor Lane, Acocks Green, in Birmingham . He attended Acocks Green Primary School, and later proceeded to Moseley Grammar School.

According to sources, Jasper carrott and hazel k jackson where shareholders of the production company Celador, makers of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? . It was also alleged that carrott and hazel sold their shares for £10m when Dutch interactive television company 2waytraffic bought the group of companies behind ‘Millionaire’.

Hazel K Jackson’s Children

Jasper and hazel k jackson have 4 children together and their names are Jenny Davis, Jake Davis, Lucy Davis and one other. Their daughter lucy davis is a popular English actress best known for playing Dawn Tinsley in the BBC comedy The Office (2001–2003).  

According to sources, Lucy davis underwent a medical examination and the doctors found out she needed a kidney transplant. Her mother hazel k jackson was the donor. according the, After the whole transplant, jasper said: “From personal experience, I can tell you that transplants give hope, relief, and life to people who are desperate to receive them.

“If you can sign up to the transplant donor list I can’t tell you how much it will be appreciated by patients and loved ones alike desperate to get their lives back. It works, I can assure you!”

What is Hazel k Jackson’s net worth

She has an estimated net worth of $1 million to $1.5 million. although this is just a rough estimate from ceetimax.


How old is hazel k jackson

there’s currently no information about her age, date of birth and family background.


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