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Eugenie Devane Bio: Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Spouse, Obituary

Eugenie Devane Net Worth, biography, age, obituary,husband,

Mary Eugenie Devane Biography (wiki)

Eugenie devane is a popular american celebrity wife, she was born in May 30, 1940 in West Palm Beach, Florida USA. She is popularly known for being the wife of celebrity actor, William Devane. William devane is a famous american actor, screenwriter and director. William is best known for starring in the following movies  Carter in Payback, Eugene Davis in Space Cowboys, Janeway in Marathon Man, Gregory Summer In Knots Landing. Actor, William Joseph Devane (born September 5, 1939), married his long time sweetheart, Mary E. Devane in  1961.

Personal Life

Celebrity wife, eugenie devane is married  to william devane and they have been married since 1961. the couple had two sons together, Joshua devane and Bill devane. their elder son, bill devane passed away after he got involved in an accident. On the other hand, Joshua Devane followed his father’s footsteps in the movie industry. Joshua is an actor and has starred in numerous movies, some of which include; The New Adventures of Superman, as Young Grey Summer, Young Detective Timecop.

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Eugenie devane’s Age

Mary Eugenie Devane was born on May 30, 1940, (age: 82), in West Palm Beach, Florida USA.

Net Worth

Eugenie devane net worth hasn’t been made public, although she was married to a rich celebrity actor. On the other hand, her husband, William devane has an estimated net of $5 million.  From our analysis, eugenie has an estimated net worth of $500, 000 and these could be from her share of her husband’s wealth.

Mary Eugenie Devane’s Obituary

According to our sources,, mary eugenie devane passed away on july 29, 2022. this info was gathered online and from our sources, it’s assume she recently passed away.

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