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How Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon Started Dating: Incredible Story Behind It

Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon Relationship timeline

Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon’s Relationship

Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon have been one of the most talked-about couples in the sports and entertainment industry. Simpson, an Australian singer, actor, and swimmer, and McKeon, an Australian Olympic swimmer, have been together since 2022. Here’s a look at how they began dating and their relationship so far.

Who are Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon?

Before we dive into their relationship, let’s get to know the couple. Cody Simpson is a 27-year-old Australian singer, actor, and swimmer. He was born on the Gold Coast in 1997 and rose to fame as a teenager with his debut single “iYiYi” featuring American rapper Flo Rida. He later moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career, releasing several successful albums and singles.

Emma McKeon, on the other hand, is a 30-year-old Australian Olympic swimmer. Born in Wollongong in 1994, McKeon is one of Australia’s most successful swimmers, with 11 Olympic medals, including five gold medals. She is also a multiple Commonwealth Games gold medalist and holds several world records.

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How did Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon meet?

Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon met in 2022 through their shared passion for swimming. Simpson had recently returned to competitive swimming after a break of several years, and McKeon was already an established Olympic swimmer. They began training together under the tutelage of Michael Bohl, a successful Gold Coast swim coach.

Their relationship became public in mid-2022, and they have been inseparable since then. In an interview with Richard Wilkins on his podcast “The Apple and the Tree,” Simpson revealed that he has been happier than ever since he began dating McKeon. He praised her as “one of the greatest” and expressed his admiration for her dedication to her craft.

McKeon has also spoken highly of Simpson, calling him “lovely” and praising his support for her swimming career. In an interview with Refinery29, McKeon’s mother, Angie, revealed that Simpson is a great influence on her daughter and has helped her become more confident in her swimming.

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What Challenges have they faced in their relationship?

While Simpson and McKeon’s relationship has been smooth sailing so far, they have faced some challenges. One of the most significant challenges they faced was the media attention surrounding their relationship. As a high-profile couple, they have been subject to intense scrutiny, with many questioning their compatibility and whether their relationship would last.

Another challenge they faced was the alleged love triangle between Simpson, McKeon, and fellow Australian swimmer Kyle Chalmers. Chalmers and McKeon were rumored to have had a brief relationship in the past, and Simpson’s involvement with McKeon led to speculation about a love triangle. However, all parties involved have denied the rumors, with Chalmers stating that he is focused on his swimming career and not interested in drama.

What is Cody and Emma McKeon’s current status of their relationship

Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon are still going strong, with their relationship becoming more serious by the day. They have been spotted together at several events, including the Australian Swimming Trials in Brisbane, where Simpson competed in the 100m butterfly and 50m freestyle events.

In a recent interview with MSN, Simpson revealed that he has undergone a huge change since meeting McKeon and is happier than ever. He praised McKeon’s bubbly personality and expressed his gratitude for her support in his swimming career.

My Final Thoughts 

Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon’s relationship is a true test to the power of love and support in sports. Despite the challenges they have faced, they have remained committed to each other and their respective careers. As they continue to make waves in the sports and entertainment industry, their relationship is sure to be a subject of interest for fans and media alike.

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