Bobby Moudy Cause of Death, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Daughter

Who is Bobby Moudy?

Bobby Moudy was a renowned TikToker and social media influencer who captivated millions of fans with his hilarious videos and engaging attitude. However, his untimely death shocked and stunned his followers and loved ones.

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Bobby Moudy was born in Dallas, Texas, in the United States of America. He had a lifelong interest in amusing others, even at a young age, and came from a family that was quite close to one another. 

Following his graduation from high school, Bobby enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin with the intention of earning a degree in communications.

About his childhood and his education, there is not a lot of information available.

Bobby Moudy Cause of Death, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Daughter

Age and Birthday 

He was 46 years old at the time of his death.

Personal Life

Jennifer, is Bobby Moudy’s spouse. She appeared in his Tiktok videos previously. Bobby Moudy’s surviving children are Kaytlin, Max, and Charleigh.

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Bobby Moudy Cause of Death

Bobby Moudy died on April 28th, 2023, in his Mississippi home. He took his own life. He was 46 years old at the time. 

According to his family’s statement:

“Bobby was a loving father, husband, brother and friend. On April 28th, he was a tragic victim of suicide. Bobby was full of life and laughs, but also weighed down by financial pressures. His wife, Jennifer and their three children are in an emotional and financial crisis as he was their rock.”

Net Worth 

Bobby Moudy’s estimated net worth at the time of his death was $150,000. His family and friends had created a GoFundMe for his funeral.


In order to provide for his family before becoming popular on TikTok, Bobby worked in a variety of fields prior to his success on the platform. In his videos, he would frequently talk about his troubles with money, which included filing for bankruptcy and having a lot of debt.

Bobby maintained a positive outlook despite the challenges he faced and utilized comedy to inspire those who followed him. On TikTok, his popularity grew rapidly due to the fact that viewers found him approachable and genuine.

2019 is the year that Bobby started shooting videos for Tik Tok, which is also the year that his rise to popularity started. His programming was targeted toward families, and it featured him and his three children, Kaytlin, Maddox “Max,” and Charleigh, quite frequently. As a result, he gained supporters almost immediately. His videos featured pranks, challenges, and touching scenes that illustrated the depth of his affection for his family.

By the year 2022, Bobby had amassed more than 360 000 followers on the network as a result of his constantly growing fame on the platform. His videos had been viewed by millions of people, and he had become an internet celebrity as a result. Bobby was famous for his contagious laugh, his upbeat attitude, and his true love for his family.

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