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Ashley Reeves Wikipedia, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, and Personal Life

Ashley Reeves Wikipedia, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, and Personal Life

Who is Ashley Reeves? 

Ashley Reeves is a survivor of a brutal attack in 2006. At the age of 17, she was left for dead in the woods after being brutally assaulted by her former teacher, Samson Shelton. Despite sustaining severe injuries, she miraculously survived and has since become an advocate for other survivors of violence.


Ashley Reeves was born on January 1, 1983, in Belleville, Illinois, USA. She’s now 40 years old and falls under the Capricorn zodiac sign. 

Michelle Reeves is her mom, and Tracy Green Koenig is her dad. In her family, she has a brother named Daniel Koenig and a sister named Madison Koenig. Ashley went to school in the United States, covering primary school, high school, and college.

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Ashley Reeves is currently 40 years old. She will be turning a year older in the next few months.

Attempted Murder, Recovery and Advocacy

In April 2006, Ashley was lured to a secluded spot by Shelton under the pretense of discussing their relationship. Shelton then viciously attacked her, breaking her neck and leaving her for dead in the woods. Ashley was found hours later, critically injured but alive.

Ashley’s recovery was long and arduous, but she never gave up her fight to survive. She underwent multiple surgeries and rehabilitation therapy to regain her strength and mobility. Throughout her recovery, Ashley remained determined to use her story to help others. She became a spokesperson for victims of violence and abuse, raising awareness of the devastating impact of these crimes.

Personal Life

Ashley Reeves is married and has two children. She lives in Millstadt, Illinois, with her family.


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Net Worth 

Ashley Reeves has not publicly disclosed her net worth. However, her work as an advocate for victims of violence has likely earned her some income. Additionally, she may have received compensation from Shelton for her injuries.


Reeves is an advocate for victims of violence. She speaks out against domestic violence and sexual assault. She is also a board member of the Ashley Reeves Foundation, which provides support and resources to victims of violence. Reeves is also a  motivational speaker and author. She also works as an advocate for victims of violence.

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