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List of All Members of The Amp YouTube Group, Net Worth, Founder (Updated 2024)

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What is Amp Net Worth?

 Amp is a popular American Group YouTube channel which was originally founded by Agent 00 around November 2019 and one of it’s member’s is Kai Cenat.

The YouTube channel, Amp has an estimated net worth of $2 million to $5 million. The full meaning of AMP is “Any Means Possible,”.  

Group members of Amp include;

  • Agent 00: His other name is Din Muktar: Agent 00 is a Canadian born YouTuber and professional gamer. He came to limelight when he started sharing NBA 2K videos on YouTube.
  • ChrisNxtDoor : There’s also Chris
  • Duke Dennis Gaming:  Duke Dennis.
  • ImDavisss: Originally known as Davis
  • ImKaiCenat / Kai Cenat
  • JustFanum / Fanum / Roberto: When asked about his name and where he’s from, his reply was;  My name is Roberto, but I go by the name of Fanum. I’m from The Bronx, New York City.

 The American YouTube content group channel Amp, focuses on IRL challenges and gaming. Although as at present, the group member now have their respective channels. Since they’re mostly into gaming, some have gained massive audience on Twitch where they now do what they love doing the most. Imdavisss on the other hand has his own YouTube channel with millions of views and he has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Amp’s Social media

The American gaming youtube channel, Amp are on Instagram with the handle @Ampexclussive, /Youtube channel

Amp Net Worth 2024

The IRL challenges and Gaming YouTube channel has an estimated net worth between $2- $5 million.

“Any Means Possible” Monthly Income

The YouTube channel makes over $10,000 to $20k every monthly. They earn over $1 million annually .   


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