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Are Albert Ezerzer And D.b. Woodside The Same Person? Why Are They Trending

albert ezerzer and db. woodside

Are Albert Ezerzer And D.b. Woodside The Same Person?

No, after a thorough research, we found out that Albert Ezerzer  and D.b Woodside are two different people. Although in the course of their careers, they worked in the same movie production popularly known as #Suits .

What happened to Albert Ezerzer?

Albert Ezerzer was a beloved member of the suits family, he passed away in 2014 after a brief sickness. Here you can learn more about Albert Ezerzer Suits. That being said, there has been questions about Albert Ezerzer And D.B Woodside if they are the same person or not. Albert Ezerzer’s death was announced on Twitter by Aaron Korsh. Here you can learn more about about Aaron Korsh the executive producer of the SUITS.

albert ezerzer and d.b. woodside

Who is D.B Woodside??

Here you can learn More about D.B Woodside, I wrote a detailed biography of him. Let me just tell you a bit about him. D.b woodside is a famous American actor who has starred in a lot of movies and TV shows. D.b woodside was featured in the Netflix movie, Lucifer. He starred as an Angel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Albert Ezerzer And D.B Woodside

1. Who did Albert Ezerzer play in Suits?

Albert Ezerzer didn’t play any role in the SUITS. however, he was responsible for the transportation of equipment used in the SUITS. Since he was a beloved member of the SUITS, he was remembered in one of the season of SUITS. It was captioned, “In Memory of Albert Ezerzer“.

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2.How did Albert Ezerzer passed away?

Aaron Korsh didn’t state Albert’s cause of death. However, he states that Albert passed away after a brief illness in 2014.

3. Albert ezerzer and d.b. woodside do they look like?

No, they don’t look like. Since D.B Woodside starred in one of the season of the SUITS, it was assumed that they looked like. In a recent twitter post, woodside made it clear that the pictures being used as that of Albert Ezerzer, is actually not Albert.

Hopefully, Aaron Korsh would share the pictures of late Mr. Ezerzer soon. That being said, Ezerzer and D.B woodside are two different people. Albert was in the transpo department before his death, on the other hand, woodside is an actor who is presently still alive.

4. Who starred in Lucifer? Albert Ezerzer or D.B Woodside?

It wasn’t Albert Ezerzer that starred in Lucifer. It was D.B. woodside that starred as an Angel in the movie Lucifer Morningstar.

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