Christine Nampeera is a popular Uganda social media influencer and TikTok content creator. She’s best known for her curvy shape and endowed body figure. Christine has been trending for years now ever since she began posting her photos and dance videos online.  However, as of August 2023, something happened to Christine Nampeera which involved her adult video being leaked on social media.

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Christine Nampeera is a popular Uganda socialite and content creator, she was born in 1997, Age : 26 years old. However, as at the time of writing this article, we currently have no information about her birthday and month. She’s from Kampala, Uganda. On her social media profile she made mention of not being in a relationship.

We currently have no information about her siblings, family or any close relationship.


Uganda socialite Christine Nampeera was born in 1997. As of the time of writing this article, she’s 26 years old.

Net Worth

Christine Nampeera has an estimated net worth of $15,000 as of 2023.

Social media handles

Nampeera clearly stated that she’s not on Facebook and any account that has her photos is fake. She however has a very active Instagram handle with over 59k following. On her Instagram handle, she shares mouth watering photos and videos. She also promotes clothing brands.

Brands collaboration 

Christine Nampeera is a Uganda DJ and brands influencer. She promotes clothing brands and get paid for it. According to her Instagram handle, the influence partners with quite a number of big brand at Uganda and Kenya.

Christine Nampeera Net Worth, Biography, Age, Leaked Viral Video

Leaked Viral Video 

Around August 2023, Christine Nampeera’s adult videos began to trend all over social media. She was recorded inside a toilet making out with two different boys…

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Two videos were leaked on Twitter. From our investigation, Christine seems very much aware that she was being recorded. All the whole video from start to finish seems like a set up.. here are the two trending leaked viral videosClip 1 and clip 2.

Who is Christine Nampeera’s Boyfriend?

Well, there’s currently no information about who she’s dating. She might be in a relationship but sometime ago she made mention of not being in any relationship but she has friends with benefits.

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