Watch Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra Leaked Video On Twitter

Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra full Leaked Video On Twitter

I got the shock of my life when I watched a leaked twitter video of a certain Dr giovanni quintella bezerra from Brazil.

Welcome to another episode of ‘got caught on camera’ with ceetimax your host. Seat tight and relax as I will be doing some explanations.

Well in a which is currently trending online (twitter, reddit and tiktok specifically), a certain Dr giovanni quintella bezerra was caught mouth ráping his patient during a surgery.

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In the Twitter video shared by @GYerathel, giovanni quintella bezerra was caught and arrested for putting his manh00d in a pregnant woman’s mouth. (Video below)

According to the twitter post, the pregnant woman was heavily under sedative when this act of weakness was going on.

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Alleged leaked video explained

It’s no rumors about the leaked video of Dr giovanni quintella bezerra, as it was clearly shown. During the woman’s C-section, giovanni quintella allowed himself to be carried away by selfish fantasies.

Giovanni was born in 1990, and he is a 32-year-old Brazilian surgeon. Unknown to him, staffs of the hospital he worked for were suspicious of him and decided to set up a hidden camera. It was quite unfortunate that he had a problem which needed to be fixed but allowed it ruin his name and career.

Our thoughts

For pete sake, how can a medical doctor who is supposed to take care of his patient take advantage them. ‘He had performed similar operation on two other women that same day and they had no strength to carry their babies afterwards’. The authorities are still looking into the matter to know if he took advantage of them too.

On July 12, being tuesday, the hearing of giovanni quintella bezerra was held in Brazil. Well he is facing charges of ràpe and could receive a prison sentence probably 8 to 15 years if he is convicted.

, he wore medical uniforms and a face mask. Looking around to see if anyone was watching.

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