So today we will be taking a look at the trending Addison rae leaked video which has been on the search for weeks now.

Different news outlets and social media users have been talking about this topic.

Rumors have it that an intimate video of Addison was recently leaked online.

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A certain Twitter  user account and with the ID @Ibedamsel share what seemed like a true story about Addison rae leaked.

The user posted it as #AddisonRaeLeaked Twitter in 2021. Ever since then, netizens have been trying to get hold of the true video. (Although it seems like it never existed).

The rumors started circulating rapidly on Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok. Many users decided to edit their own clips the the image of the star in it.

Below is a YouTube video stating the true story behind the Addison rae Twitter video saga.

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Next we will be talking about Addison Rae biography, Net Worth and Career

Addison Rae is a famous American Tiktok Star. For some reasons, an alleged intimate video about the actress was said to been leaked.

Fromour sources, she was recently interviewed and she debunked those rumors. Although the contents seemed true but are all false.

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