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Most women still won’t believe that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Men all over the world adore any woman who takes proper care of him especially his stomach.

When I talk about a man’s stomach and heart, I hope you don’t feel confused or left out?

Now let me explain it better for the sake of those who might not still understand.

Whenever you hear the statement “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” it simply means a woman who can cook well can capture the heart of any man.

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Believe me, it is true when a man cheats in a relationship, it’s either the present woman in his life who neglects his stomach which isn’t proper. (That doesn’t justify cheating in a relationship)

In Africa, Nigeria, and down to the Igbo tribes of the Eastern Part of the country. Their men are mostly attracted to women with a big behind and good cook.

 man's heart stomach
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A typical Nigerian man doesn’t play with anything that comes near his meal or source of food.

There are several ways to win a man’s heart which I will explain in a bit, each one I talk about is very important.

How to capture the heart of any man of your dreams.

1. You can capture a man’s heart through his stomach–

As y’all know by now as per my explanation above.  It is easier in the sense that men don’t joke with food or a good cook.

Severally I have seen a lot of men in Nigeria bring in second wives with complaints that their other woman doesn’t know kitchen ethics.

Before you decide you’re marrying from Nigeria, first thing first you need to learn how to prepare their local meals.

Most of these men were brought up with those delicacies and would adore any woman that knows how to make them.

You might be beautiful and all that but the easier way to his heart is through his stomach. Know that and know peace.

2. Always dress beautifully and sexy for him–

I’m glad I brought up this topic to address a certain issue bothering me.

The way to a man’s heart is not just through his stomach, you need to look good too.

I have witnessed several cases where the woman is every man’s dream, then suddenly after marriage, she starts looking so tattered.

the way to a Man's heart stomach
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Like who does that? You marry a very good-looking younger lady and after a few months, she doesn’t care about herself anymore.

Personally, it’s a turn-off for me. You see this sexy clothes and bum-shorts you use to wear, I still want them.

A man wants his woman to always turn him on just by sighting her and not the other way around.

You claim your husband or boyfriend is no longer looking at you like before.! Ask yourself what changed in you?

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You see that tying of wrappers and wearing clothes that don’t make sense should stop this year.  If you want to keep a man, the way to his heart is not just through his stomach but your sense of dressing too.

3. Be smart and academically sound–

Men love it when their women are academically sound and can speak simple but correct English.

Don’t just presume that since you can cook, then the way to the man’s heart is through his stomach. He needs more than that to wife you.

A man from Anambra for instance has a lot of rich men who barely went to school. All most of them learned is how to make money.

See the meaning of What goes around comes around.

When choosing a wife, one of the things they look for in a woman is if she is educated. They know they didn’t go to school, what they do is look for a lady who did and wife her.

You don’t just depend on the fact that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, be smart and educated too. Do not neglect education, you will always need it in life.

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