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Scrub Daddy is a cleaning product brand best known for its eponymous sponge, which is shaped like a cheerful face. The product is made of a polymer that changes texture when exposed to cold water and softens when exposed to warm water. Scrub Daddy generated the most revenue of any product successfully presented on the ABC reality show Shark Tank as of 2019.

Aaron Krause is the founder and CEO of this multimillion-dollar corporation. As of 2023, Aaron Krause has an estimated net worth of $70 million, while his company has an estimated net worth of $250 million.

Scrub Daddy Net Worth: Founder Aaron Krause Biography, Income, Revenue
Scrub Daddy’s Founder, Aaron Krause.

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CEO, Aaron Krause created a brand of buffing and polishing pads after damaging the exterior of a vehicle while cleaning it. 3M purchased the company in August 2008. Krause’s sponges were not purchased by 3M, and they remained in his factory. Krause used the remaining sponges to clean his dishes and lawn furniture five years later. Krause claims that this is when he “realized his multi-million dollar idea.”

Scrub Daddy, Inc. was created in 2012 through grassroots marketing, according to the company’s website. Lori Greiner made a $200,000 ownership share transaction with Krause on the Shark Tank episode that aired in October 2012.


The next day, Greiner and Krause sold out of 42,000 sponges on QVC in less than seven minutes. Greiner then assisted Scrub Daddy in becoming available in retail locations such as Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

Scrub Daddy’s total revenue topped $100 million in January 2017, the most of any Shark Tank product. The company’s lifetime revenues were $209 million as of October 2019.

Scrub Daddy has 273 workers, 160 items available in 257,000 retail locations, is the top 5 grossing firm in Shark Tank history, with over $670 million in retail sales since inception, according to Season 14 Episode 13.

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Scrub Daddy, Inc. was created in 2012 through grassroots marketing, according to the company’s website. It is its 11 years this year.

Net Worth 

Scrub Daddy’s net worth is estimated to be $250 million in 2023. Since its participation in the highly renowned show Shark Tank, the company has seen a significant boost in sales and overall revenue.


Scrub Daddy is made of a tough “high-tech polymer,” which according to past patent filings is most likely polycaprolactone. In water, the texture changes: stiff in cold water, soft in warm water. Scrub Daddy’s initial design is a yellow circular scrubber with a happy face punched into it. Krause’s design is protected by two patents.

More than 20 products are available under the brand, including scouring pads, dual-sided sponges, sink organizers, soap dispensers, and home erasers.

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