Watch Pastor Dwayne Dawkins Leaked Viral Video On Twitter And Reddit

Popular American Pastor, Dwayne Dawkins Leaked Video is now on the trending topic on different social media platforms.  This happened to after the pastor’s video was leaked online by the very person they had coitus.

Pastor Dwayne Haskins who has always preached against immorality and lack of uprightness finally became a subject of what he talked about.

In the video which has been circulating on all social platforms, one could see the pastor with a male counterpart having intimate moment.

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After the leaked video of pastor Dwayne Johnson got online, he immediately disappeared from all social platforms. Soon after that, he appeared on an interview where he publicly talked about the incident.

In his statement, he said he was framed by the guy with whom he was in the video. He also claims he called the guy right after the video got leaked online but he immediately blocked and disconnected the line.

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Where to watch Pastor Dwayne Dawkins Leaked Viral Video

The leaked video of pastor Dwayne Dawkins has circulated on all social platforms especially twitter and reddit. A lot of people on Twitter began talking about how people are being misled by alleged Pastors. On Twitter, the leaked video of Dwayne Dawkins got over 500k views by different people who shared.

Is Pastor Dwayne Dawkins attracted to male genders in bed?

From the LEAKED VIRAL VIDEO which is currently being talked about, he was seeing making out with a guy. Although Pastor Dwayne is married to his beautiful wife, no one knows why he got involved in such act.

Leaked Viral Video On Twitter And Reddit

What’s the importance of preaching what we preach?

Heaven and Hell is all real, from what most of us have read from the holy bible, during judgement day, it will start from the church. It’s very important to practice whatever one tells other to do or not get involved in. For instance, when you criticize stealing, you shouldn’t be caught stealing.

Same way the some Pastors who really know what they preach criticize same-sex marriage or relationship, it’s important to not let the pleasure of the flesh lead you astray.  The trending leaked video of Pastor Dwayne Dawkins is an act of hypocrisy.

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