When a person is considered living the life of a lie it means he or she isn’t truly truthful to themselves. And you know when you aren’t truthful to yourself, you also lie to everyone around.

Definition: How do you define someone who’s constantly lying to themselves?  Someone who doesn’t agree they’re wrong or whatever they do mustn’t work. That’s someone who’s living a lie.

Look, at first, this might seem all fun and everything, but at the end of the day, you realize you’ve lost a great number of people.

Living a Lie

We are all humans and sometimes things get very tough. Instead of lying about your condition, it’s better to be plain white.

How to tell someone you love them without saying it.

I know you would probably say no one will understand, but some people are willing to listen and give a helping hand.

Living a lie doesn’t make things any better, even if you’re a good person, it classifies you in a different category.

Sometimes we preach what we don’t practice, and this is exactly what living a lie means. Not doing things you tell others to do, not living by example.

How can you change from living a lie to being responsible?

At first, it might not be easy because that lifestyle has become part of you. There are what we call baby steps, you embrace change gradually until you can finally accept the real you.

Also consider how others would feel if they realize all you’ve been telling them from the beginning was lies. That’s to say you have to put yourself in their shoes and think about how it feels to be lied to.

Let’s take an example, popular Nigerian transgender Man, Bobrisky is living a lie in the sense that people all around the country know him as a man. but because of fame and money, he went to perform a surgical operation to switch to a woman.

All over the news when he’s being addressed, it’s always a HE and not SHE because people know he’s living a fake life full of lies.

To stop living a lie you need to acknowledge the following.

  1. You aren’t perfect and however the situation might be, you’re working towards making things better for yourself.

  2. Stop self-comparison with people way above your league. The fact that things aren’t working the way you want now shouldn’t make you lose hope and focus.

Many rich people you see in society today came from a well-tiled foundation.

Your life, their lives is all going in different directions, comparing yourself with them will only push you into doing things that are full of deceitfulness.

  1. Exercise patience in all you do because, in the end, you will need that story to tell people about your struggles.

How to tell if someone is living a lie.

  1. They never accept they are wrong in anything.

  2. They are afraid of failing

  3. He or she always covers their track, they know what to say at all times.

  4. They can be very manipulative.

  5. A practical example of people who live a life of lies are social media users. If you look closely you discover most people on social medias aren’t whom they portray to be. Fake lives, fake profiles and and fake riches.

Examples of those who live a life of lies.
  1. Transgenders

  2. Politicians.

  3. Internet Fraudster etc.


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