It’s easy to forgive when you’re hurt but to forget is something that is beyond human doing.

The scares would always be there as a reminder, to always hunt you and send cold chills down your spine.

Forgive and forget

Trust me to forgive and forget needs a whole lot of hard work, because whatever actions that were taken were quite deep.

How do you forgive and forget someone?

I will mention but a few practical ways to go about it, it just depends on how deep you were hurt.

• Let go of every grudge so that you can find inner peace.

The best part of letting go when you’ve been wronged is the amount of inner peace you get or feel.

Take a moment and reminisce about how you feel when whosoever got on your bad side suddenly appears before you.

You feel like taking revenge over what was done to you, your heart carries that heavyweight of unforgiveness that is burning you up.

The moment you decide to let fate do its a duty, the moment you let go of how you feel towards them, there’s this lightness that you suddenly begin to feel.

It was like you was carrying a bag full of stones and it had just been taken off your shoulders.

Let me use the tortoise, for instance, everyone thinks it’s a slow animal. But have we ever considered how fast it may be if the load on its back was taken off?.

I don’t blame most people who choose not to forgive and forget, sometimes the hurt we feel turns us into something else and the only way we feel we are punishing them is if we don’t forgive and forget.

I tell you what! forgive, forget and move on with your life. Whatever happened in the past has already taken place and the best gift we can offer our sanity is to forgive and let go.

• Give life a second chance.

It might not be that easy, but it’s a gradual process. First thing first, move out of that area that constantly reminds you of the incident.

Another thing is to turn off that part of you that’s always in denial of letting go.
Make new friends, catch up with things you must have missed because of how crowded your mind was.

Give life a second chance and you will eventually learn to forgive and forget. Your circle has to be with people who bring out the best in you.

Another thing about not letting go is that you make your offenders feel so powerful over you.

The moment you decide that yeah! you got this, you’re better off than sulking over spilled milk, he or she becomes scared of you.

Do you know why? Because the part that they thought they had control over your life is gone.

So my dear reader, I oblige you today to make the right decision. Either you let go and find that inner peace or you choose to let nemesis catch up with them.

It’s all up to you whether you want to forgive and forget or you still want carry that heavy burden.

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