How do you manage your blogging and studies.?

Is it possible to combine blogging and studies without loosing focus? Yes it is.!

The following are ways you can manage your blogging and studies without stress.!

So today we will be discussing how an average person can manage his or her Blogging career and their Studies.

I know many of you are in this very predicament, did you scale through? Let’s discuss.

Like I will always tell everyone out there, go for what you have passion for and not what you were forced into.

As a Blogger you know you have to be persistent and always active in your site in other to keep the inflow of more readers.

In the early part of blogging, people only blogged for fun but in recent years as things began to expand Blogging has now become a lifetime career and a means of being employed.

Back to the topic, the following is how to manage your blogging career and studies.

How to manage a blog

• Choose a less competitive niche.

Many go into blogging because they feel competitive niche pays more not having a slight idea how it is managed.

It can be tough competing with the likes of Linda ikeji, etc.

One of the most competitive niche in blogging is the Entertainment, Tech and Sport. Going into this niches means you are up to the task and ready for competition.

A lot of people go into entertainment blogging because it’s easy to copy and paste from other blogs.

As a student, your choice of the blog should match with the time you can spare in between your studies. 

Blog niches that don’t require daily updates.

~Lifestyle blogs~

~Finance blogs~

~Food blogs~

~Fashion blogs~

~Relationship blogs~

~Parenting blogs~

~Motoring blogs~

~Business blogs~

~Real estate agency blogs~

~Travel blogs~

~Health blogs~

All these blog niches listed here can be followed up with a great schedule and it won’t affect your time to study.

• Invite more administrators

Another way to manage your Blogging career and studies is to have different contributors.

Your blog can be open for different individuals to register and share their thoughts.

You should divide your blog access into different sections.

•Administrator panels

•Editor panels

•Contributors panel etc

From time to time you can be monitoring the activities of every member of your team to see how things are being handled, thereby giving you the space to focus on your studies.

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• Get articles from freelancers

Once in a while, you can employ a freelancer to write something interesting for you.

Although since most bloggers can’t write much content, they appoint a very skillful freelancer to do the writing for them and this also can imply to someone who combines blogging and studies.

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