(GMG) Review: Legit Or Scam? Registration, Login (Truth About This Platform)

Have had the thoughts to invest your money on for the purpose of earning more? Well, you should read this review from start to finish before doing that.

Everyday, online platform are designed with the sole purpose of scamming individuals with little or no information.

Today I will be discussing about investment website, a platform that was created some time in 2023 with the intent doubling investor’s funds.

For the sole purpose of scamming individuals, many people come up with different schemes to lure uninformed individuals into buying their ideas of investing in an online website thinking its a way out of poverty.

“GMG investment scheme” as it was referred to, was once a popular platform that was a trending on every social media. The first timers who used the platform attest that their investment money was being doubled by the platform. This is one red flag most people don’t look into.

There’s no legitimate platform that would promise to double your money without sacrificing quality time and effort to work for it.

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What is GMG ( All About?

Gmg is a website that claims to pay it users who invest into it. They claim to rent aluminum batteries which users invest into.

They claim to pay 25% cash back to registered users who invest a minimum of 2500 naira to 500,000. On several occasions, GMG has crashed with a whole lot of people’s investment in the site.

Surprisingly, they still relaunch the site whenever they crash and people still persist and keep investing. Before recharging your account on the platform,  be sure to know that there’s no information about the site owner.

How much Can You Invest In 

The minimum amount to invest in the site is 2500 to 500,000, with promises to withdraw at least 625 daily. According to them, when a users invest 2500, he earn at least 625 every 24hours and a gross income of 18750. The main question is what are you investing into? also known as GMG claim it users invest in Aluminum batteries.

Is Legit or Scam?

GMGtrys is a ponzi website. When they first launched, they used the first investor’s funds to pay the new signup users and when the people who are paid spread the news around, they used the funds from the newest investors to pay the old members.  At the end after gathering a lot of audience,  they crashed with people’s money. had no records of it owners anywhere on the web. They worked anonymously. The site was under one month and after getting their desired results, they crashed.

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How does one register on (GMG)

If after reading the above article about GMG and you feel like giving it a short, here’s how to register:

1. Visit the site at, at the right top corner of the page you will see the Register Link.

2. Click on the link and fill in the registration form.

3. You won’t need to verify your identity through kyc. A temporary 200 naira will be allocated to you.

How can one fund their GMG account? 

When you signup,  on the home page you’d see all the amount you can invest on. The minimum is 2500. All you need to do is click on the Blue “Invest Now“. You’d be taken to another page to select the amount you want to really invest.

When you click it, let’s say 2500, you will be taken to another page where you will be asked to pay into their account and it will be reflected into your account. (GMG) Review: Legit Or Scam? Registration, Login (Truth About This Platform)
Payment settings

How To Place Withdrawal from 

The alleged investment scheme website promises to pay it users a minimum of 500 to 50,000. They also have an option for auto withdrawal and every 24hours withdrawal. Before withdrawing your investment funds, you must have filled in your account details.

On the home page of the site, you’d see the withdraw button,  click it and select the amount you want to get. Place Withdrawal and within 30 minutes it will reflect into your account.

There’s also a high chance of loosing the whole invested money if the site should crash or stop paying.

Is Legit?

No, the platform is a scamming scheme designed with form at which they earn money. The website is a ponzi site that collect funds from one investor to pay another.  After registering a lot of users  and collecting money from a large audience, their site tends to crash.

If you read this review from start to finish,  I want to sincerely thank you for your time.  Instead looking for a fast means to earn money,  you can learn something serious and make a living for a lifetime.  You can learn graphics design,  website design,  content writing,  blogging,  SEO , and YouTube content creation.

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Disclaimer: Ceetimax is not in anyway affiliated to we wrote a sincere and honest review about the platform.  If you choose to invest in it and loose your money, you are on your own.

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