EarnFreely.ng Review: Legit Or Scam? Registration And Login, Withdrawal Proof

Earnfreely.ng, a fast rising online platform that promises to pay it users at least ₦25,000 for performing simple tasks online.  This platform was developed and launched around January 2024.

Please before you signup on the platform, I urge you to read this article so that you can understand what you are going into. Don’t ever make the mistake of signing up on sites that promises to pay it users without confirming if what they say is as they said it.

What is Earnfreely.ng All About?

I made my investigations and found out that earnfreely.ng was barely launched around January.  The site owners through their platform, promise to pay users for simple tasks like commenting on posts, referring people,  clicking on links and so much more.

They also stated that as a users of their platform, you stand a chance of making at least N50,000 weekly for being a referral. If you have an active following on social media, you can share your invite link to your friends and earn as they sign up with your unique referral link.

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How do you increase your earnings on Earnfreely.ng?

They keep it simple, all you need to do is convince your friends and social media followers to signup using your unique referral link.  Most affiliate sites would demand you pay a minimum fee before you join their program, Earnfreely.ng doesn’t charge a dime. Registration is free, interesting part is that you get credit with N1000 as a new member of the platform.

To increase your earnings,  you should login everyday and you will  be credited with ₦150 for daily log in. When you invite your friends (Referral), you earn ₦350 per individual you refer.

Imagine you invite 50 people to join, let’s times 350 by 50, you’d be getting 17,500. It doesn’t stop there, when you comment on their posts, you earn ₦50 per comment.  There’s also a tasks called Click2Earn, in a day you can earn at least ₦1,350. And last but not the least,  when you participate on the MyTasks option, you earn ₦550. When you complete this tasks, you are sure of earning quite a lot. Sounds too good to be true right??.

How to signup on Earnfreely.ng 

The process is user-friendly and easy to navigate:

1. Open your browser using your mobile device or PC.

2. Key in this url, www.earnfreely.ng

3. On the homepage of the site, you should see Signup and Login at the top. As a new user, click on the Signup.

4. As a first-time user,  you will be required to enter your bank account details for payout.

5. Enter the necessary details required of you and make sure its all correct before moving to the next page.

6. On the next page, your user registration details would be required of you. Fill out the form and hit the submit button.

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How to place Withdrawal on your Earnfreely.ng account 

The platform makes payment twice per month, on the 10th and 31st of every month.

Please follow this steps:

1. Login to your account with your username and password.

2. On your dashboard,  click on the navigation bar above to page,  scroll down to where you will see “ Withdraw Money“.

3. Click and select the account your payout would be sent to, and the amount you want to withdraw.

4. Now, click the “Place Withdrawal”. If the balance on your account is up to the threshold, you will get a credit confirmation message. Otherwise, they will state why you won’t be paid.

Is Earnfreely.ng Legi Or Scam?

I wouldn’t say this platform is legit. Paying huge some of money to users might not work for long and as per my research, there are many of this kind of platform on the internet.

There’s a chance you might get paid at first, but the platform might not last. Before a platform can arguably say they can pay users any amount of money, they should have a physical office,  source at which they earn and a good record for the past few months or years.

During my research, I also found out that the availability of the site owner isn’t anywhere. Which means users can perform all the task and the platform can crash without anyone being held responsible.

Are they Earning Proof from Earnfreely.ng ?

Since the launch of the platform, there little of no information about any paid users. This is one red flag you should adhere to. Although we can’t certainly say this platform is a scam site. Except for the time you would spend performing tasks, there’s nothing here to lose.

If you like, you can give it a try and if they don’t pay up and promise, you can use our comment section to relay your experience.

Final Thoughts 

If you read this article about Earnfreely.ng review from start to finish,  I want to sincerely thank you.  We hope you found this content helpful.  We aren’t biased or paid to write this work, we feel the need to educate newbies out there.

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