Be Curious not Judgemental: What Does This Mean?

Be curious not judgemental, this statement might seem very simple, but it carries a lot of messages to the outside world.

Navigating through life, you get to meet different obstacles and people, so to survive you need to develop curiosity.

Don’t just judge things the way you see them, things might not appear the way it seems.

Be curious not judgemental,

For anyone to succeed in anything, don’t just assume things or be judgemental, but being curious to know more would pave way for more knowledge.

When I say you should be curious to know things and not judgemental; it implies that your observations should portray how you see everyone.

Here’s a funny YouTube video of Arie__m trying to make her dog choose vegetables over real dog food.

Remember, be curious, not judgemental.

My dog is a vegetarian

When you decide to get closer to a person, you discover a whole lot of things you never knew.

Many people are kind of very emotional on the inside but you see them acting very strong just to keep moving.

Vulnerable people are misinterpreted because of how lonely and quiet they behave.

Be curious to know why someone is avoiding you even though deep down you didn’t do anything wrong, rather than being judgemental.

Talking about heartbreak, a guy might be interested in a certain girl or the duo might feel the chemistry.

But due to fear of heartbreak one party wouldn’t want to appear vulnerable.

Another Instance is when you see successful people without knowing their source of wealth.

Most people misjudge other’s means of wealth forgetting that people hustle every day.

When you see a successful person, instead of judging their means of wealth be curious to learn.

Even in the aspect of blogging, newbies are always judgemental and not curious about how to improve.

Most people have different things they’re battling within secret that many won’t understand.

Going with the fact that we all have our issues, one needs to be curious and not condemnatory.

When you’re eager, you make deep research, clean and positive observation before giving out value rather than being judgemental.