Reviews: Scam or Legit? How to Earn, Payment Method, App Download

Welcome to Ceetimax. Today, I’ll be reviewing the latest earning platform, As is my practice with new money-making websites, I thoroughly investigate and share all you need to know. is a new platform offering various online games to play and earn money from. I decided to explore its offerings.

Is BbrFun a scam or legitimate?

This question is on everyone’s mind about this platform. A few months back, a similar platform, GMG investment scheme, emerged offering the same promises. As of now, I can’t definitively label the site as legit or a scam. My advice is to be cautious with your actions and deposits. Don’t deposit more than you can afford to lose. The minimum deposit is around 2000 naira, and you can also use USDT (Bitcoin) for deposits. Reviews: Scam or Legit? How to Earn, Payment Method, App Download

How to sign up for and earn?

After registering on the site, using someone’s referral code or link can increase your earnings. Register here, and you’ll land on the home page. Wondering how to make a deposit and start playing? Upon registration or login, you’ll find an orange “Deposit” button on the home page. Clicking it will take you to a page to choose a payment method.

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(Note: I’m not assuring the platform’s legitimacy. Be cautious and avoid greed.) You can also earn from the referral program by sharing your code with friends.

How much do you need to withdraw from

After playing, you’ll be rewarded according to their terms. With 2k in your account, you can withdraw to your bank. You need to setup your payment information, to do so, you need to click your profile,  navigate to the withdrawal option,  tap on it. If you haven’t setup your account,  a form will be presented to you to fill out.

You will be asked to input your account name, number and phone number. All this information are required so that you can be paid and the payment can be verified.

How to download the Mobile App?

The mobile app isn’t available on Play Store or Apple Store, a red flag. If they’re a reliable source, why not upload the app for download? To download the BbrFun Mobile App, you must register first. Here’s the link.

Is BbrFun similar to GMG investment scheme?

In some ways, the earning model seems familiar. GMG allowed deposits with promises of doubling the money, whereas BbrFun requires playing games to earn.

What legit ways can you earn money online?

Instead of seeking easy money, consider investing time in meaningful pursuits. Learn website design, content writing, blogging, SEO, vlogging, graphic design, affiliate marketing, or flipping. Consider arbitrage, where promoting a page on social media can earn you money. There’s no shortcut to online success. Put in the work and enjoy the benefits.

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