How to upload a WordPress Theme via Cpanel

Let’s take a look at another way to upload a WordPress template from the Cpanel, apart from the main WordPress admin dashboard.

How to upload a WordPress template from Cpanel
How to upload a wp theme from Cpanel
  1. Login to your Control Panel dashboard also known as Cpanel.

  1. Locate the FTP folder also known as File Manager. The file is on the top when you open the drop down menu titled FILES.

  1. Now while in the file manger you’re gonna discover a lot of files and folders. You just have to locate the Public HTML folder.

Let’s throw some light on the public html folder. This folders contain all the different files of your website.

every folder has it function and if any file or folder is deleted it immediately affects your blog.

So while in the file manager be careful not to remove any folder mistake.

Although before a folder is deleted, there’s always a prompt notification requesting you confirm wether you really want to remove the file.

You can always retrieve any deleted file from the trash folder.

Back to what brought us here.

  1. Since you want to upload a THEME or Template from the Cpanel you need to locate the Wp Contents folder.

  1. Open it and you’ll find more files folders with different purposes, scroll down to theme, open it and you will find all the previously installed themes in the folders.

  1. After opening it, check the top of the current menu you are and you’ll find an UPLOAD button.

  1. Click on it and here you find a white menu with access to your device file manager where you have to import the already downloaded template.

Here you either drag and drop the template from your file manager or select file.

But if you already installed the template and you still want to upload again you can overwrite existing file.

After the upload it appears as a zip file so all you have to do is to click on the file and click on extract.

You are good to go, your template has been uploaded. Just check back you main WordPress dashboard for confirmation.

This is how you can upload a WordPress template from Cpanel.

Remember if it’s a premium template you have to input your access code.

I hope this helps, just drop comments for further assistance.