Passionate Love-making ( How Sex Can Minimize Stress)

When is the right time for sex or passionate love-making.?

Although research shows passionate love-making reduces stress, clears the mind, and increases heartbeat in a significant way that helps the human body.


Passionate Love-making

When is the right time for sex

I don’t think many people more especially the young adults understand how s3x works.

Because if they do many of them won’t be school dropouts, they won’t start regretting their actions.
If one classifies an individual who’s 18-years of age to be ready for s3x what happens to take responsibilities?
Is he or she ready to take responsibility for whatever comes thereafter?
The right answer I can give is thus; The right time for s3x is when one is fully ready both emotionally, physically, and mentally.

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When one begins having s3x, there is a hormone released in the process called Oxytocin and this hormone creates a bond between the two individuals.
Passionate Love-making

Passionate Love-making.

You discover many people can’t stay with a single partner, they always want to explore more and more.
One thing about s3x that many fail to understand is men are always attracted or moved by what they see.
A man is ready to travel from his state to meet with another lady in a different destination just to quench the urge.
The appearance of a lady matters when it comes to s3x.
Statistics show a good number men cheat because their wives or girlfriend becomes less attractive due to the following reasons- although are not limited to –
•Changes in dressing
•Ways in which you behave
•One’s manners of approach
•How you care for your body

Who’s that ideal woman a man wants and what does it have to do with Passionate Love-making?

A man expects his woman to always look beautiful and s3xy at all times.
As a woman, check how fat or skinny even how you dress because this is what he sees when you start experiencing changes in him.
A lot of people feel there’s nothing like passionate love-making between man and woman don’t bother to stress over what people think this is all fallacy.
 Even after childbirth, a woman who knows how to take care of her body can still look very beautiful.
On the other hand, women are attracted mostly by what they hear.
A woman can be listening to guys arguing about ways to treat a woman and immediately falls in love with the one that says what she wants to hear.
When a man knows the right words to use he becomes every woman’s choice no need to stress over anything.
Women are like kids, they want to be pampered, cared for, showered affection, and spent time with.

When you love someone you want to go the extra mile just to see them happy.

So many people have allowed s3x to become a problem in their marriages/relationships.

Specially treat your man or woman; when it has to do with matters of the heart remember no one is perfect.

I once had a conversation with a lady about her relationship and the challenges she’s facing.
I was moved to tears after hearing her story on how things were with her.
“She said to me.. Sir, we’ve been on this dating issue for several years now well I might also believe he loved me too.
At first, our relationship was unique and special until he started demanding s3x more than often.
Whenever I complained he threatened to leave me and he always reminded me that he is a man with desires.

What wrong did I do by always being available when he calls? But one thing he never did was to know whether we made passionate love or not.

Lately, he has always in a hurry to quench his urge and leaving me on the edge, as a woman all I ever wanted was a slow passionate love-making”.

Before you get your head into thinking you are ready for s3x you should be ready to consider your partner’s needs.
If you want to make it work you should be ready to work on it.
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1 month ago

Passionate Love is quite hard to find.