Ways Your Blog Contents Can Help Attracts Pageviews.

Ways you create good blog contents to help attract more audience for massive pageviews.

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Good content creation can always boost a blog page view especially when the contents are targeted at solving problems online.

It’s not just about writing an article, but being able to write down something that interests the reader.

Many bloggers experience short time spent on site by visitors because they either don’t find those articles helpful or interesting.


No one wants to spend time on a site where he or she can’t find what they are looking for.

If you can understand the basic needs of people you can put down something for everyone to get glued on.

Let’s use Google,e for instance, when you search a certain keyword on Google you discover lots of answers from different blogs.


Sometimes what you seek can be found on the first or second page most times you discover what you’re looking for on the fourth page.

Unique and precise contents attract a lot of organic page views to a blog.

Don’t just write on any topic of your choice, you aren’t writing the article for yourself.


 You have an insight into what your audience nee and so that’s the purpose of writing whatever article you publish.

 It should be to help your reader get what they are looking for this could also help retain them.

What decrease website traffic?

As a blogger,r you realize at times your blog gains a massive amount of visitors,s and most times it drops.

 You begin to ask yourself what exactly is the problem!

Well, it’s simple when you no longer provide that which attracts visitors they stop coming back and you also lose traffic in the process.

The following also contribute to why you lose site visitors.

1. Excessive use or display of ads from third-party networks__


There are some websites you would never want to ever visit again because of the number of unnecessary ads and intrusive pop-ups you encounter.

If you don’t want to keep losing visitors you should maximize the number of ads you display and the types of ads you choose.

If you keep using ads that redirect your page to another website you in turn chase away your visitors and it’s not a good idea for an old or new blogger.

2. False information or advertising__

Don’t sell or create information that is misleading or inaccurate.

If your visitors can’t trust you with what you blog about what then is the essence of using your blog?.

Before accepting any sponsored adverts be sure it’s not misleading because you would be held responsible if things turn out negatively and you would find it difficult to get long-term visitors.

3. Copy and Paste Posts__

To succeed in blogging you have to learn how to create your content or pay a freelancer to carry out unique content creations on your behalf.

When you copy and paste information from other sources you are circulating the same thing instead of creating new and accurate content.

People need fresh on every day and copying won’t do you any good.

4. Wrong use of grammar in an article__

Remember your audience is people who are from different fields of life and using unnecessary grams won’t increase your page views.

You should learn to address your audience in a simple but correct language they’ll all understand.


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For example:


 you can simply use__



Rather than confusing your visitors with grams that some won’t understand, use simple but accurate language in passing out the information.

How do you make your site visitors coming back!

You can get random site visits of more than 10k monthly but how many of them keep coming back?

You either retain more or losing more in the process.

You can keep your site visitors coming back when you give them what they search for.

Use email subscription format to keep visitors updated when you publish new content.

Your presentation via email must be precise, short, and eye-catching, and also a short link to visit your site for full content.


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To keep your site visitors coming back you should try the following__

1. Use a clean and beautiful website template that doesn’t take much time in loading.

Stats show that people don’t usually go back to websites that have very low load time.

2. Use well-optimized pictures that are clear and tell what your article is partly about.

Some visitors use pictures to interpret what an article would be about, so using clean and fast-loading pictures does encourage people to come back to your site.


I hope you found this article interesting.